Open registration for the Granite Games Championship will SELL OUT within minutes. Here are some hot tips to increase your chances for snagging a spot.

Plan Ahead!

  • Have your team roster set and ready to go!
  • Designate one person on your team to handle registration.
  • A few minutes prior to registration time, log in to Competition Corner (with the same info you used for the Granite Games Open) ahead of time. That'll save you one step in the registration process.

Here’s what you should know heading into the registration form (read: have these details ready!):

  • Your Competition Corner account info (but you’ll have already signed in so you’ve got this one in the bag, right?)
  • Open Registration Invite Passcode
  • Team Name
  • Teammates (First Names, Last Names, their Email Addresses, Shirt Sizes, Short Sizes and Birth Dates)

Don’t delay yourself by fumbling around for this information. Have it written down and at the ready.

Avoid trying to register at the same time. Competition Corner prevents athletes from using duplicate emails, in order to prevent double registration. That means if two or more teammates are trying to register the same team, you may be fighting for the same spot.

Once you get on the registration form, your spot will be put on a temporary reserve. If you drop off the form, you’ll lose your spot, opening one up to the next person in queue behind you.

If you’re presented with a message that all spots are taken, you may still have a chance (read: if someone drops out off the registration form).  So, keep checking in!

Here's a preview of what the form will look like:

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