A Co-Ed Team of 4 is a 4-person team (2 females, 2 males). 

Team rosters must consists of a minimum of 4 Athletes (2 females, 2 males) and a maximum of 6 Athletes (3 females, 3 males).

Athletes must sign up for the Granite Games Open and complete the workouts as Individuals. 

Teams will be ranked based on their team score, which will be the aggregate of the top two (2) male and top two (2) female scores posted by team members on the leaderboard.

The top ranked team in the Team of 4 Division at the Granite Games Championship will receive an invitation to compete at the CrossFit Games.

Teams of 3 are same-gender teams in various divisions (AsRx+, AsRx, Intermediate, Scaled). Athletes competing on a Team of 3 will also be required to complete the Granite Games Open as Individuals. 

After the two weeks ire done, they will combine their individual scores to create a team score for ranking.

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